The good old Zuma, probably known to every player in the world, made a splash in the gaming industry when it came out. Her announcement took place on December 12, 2003. And on this day, she found tens of thousands of loyal fans who still do not cheat on her.
After all, even after so many years, Zuma’s puzzles are still among the top most popular casual games of all time. What is their secret? Why are they so attractive not only for children, but also for adults?
It’s all about the addicting gameplay, which is hard to break away from. And Zuma never gets bored. This is its main feature.

Zuma game rules

The puzzle consists of several levels. Their difficulty increases as the player progresses through the story. The goal of each round is to clear the playing field of the chain of balls that are moving along the road and prevent them from reaching the end of the path. This can be done using a cannon (in the classic version it is represented as a Frog). You need to shoot from it at the balls, trying to hit the red balls in the red, blue in the blue, and then on the same principle. As soon as a group of at least three balls of the same color forms in the chain, it will explode and disappear.
The player needs to get rid of all the balls to open access to the next level.

The benefits of Zuma games

Despite the fact that it is widely believed in society that computer games are not useful and may even be harmful to health, we fundamentally disagree with this judgment. After all, if you “dig” deeper and try to understand this issue, you can see that there is still benefit. And it is colossal!
Zuma games have the following positive effects:
• Develops logic, attentiveness, concentration of attention, speed of reaction. These skills are very important in our life, so they need to be trained regularly. Zuma puzzles are just the right tool for this purpose.
• Relieve emotional, mental and physical stress. Fatigue and irritability build up very quickly. And if you do not give the body a proper rest, including psychologically, it can result in various troubles. A fun hour or two with Zuma games distracts from daily worries, allows the nervous system to calm down and free itself from accumulated negative emotions, replacing them with positive ones.

Best 5 games:

Zuma Deluxe Classic
Zuma Revenge
Zuma Bubbles
Zuma Atlantis
Fairy town
Zuma games are not addictive. And this is another advantage of them that you should pay attention to.