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Zuma Egypt

Online arcade game Zuma Egypt is dedicated to the secrets and mysteries of the cult civilization – the grandiose world of Ancient Egypt. The entourage in it corresponds to the theme and will definitely not disappoint fans of the homeland of the Pharaohs and one of the Wonders of the World: the game screen is a wall of a majestic pyramid, dotted with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and all this accompanied by the sounds of classical Egyptian music. Well, where can you go without a scarab beetle? He’s here too! And not only him! Want to see what else the creators of Zuma Egypt have in store for you? Then open it right now and click on “Start”! It will definitely not be boring – we guarantee!

How to play

The game has several levels, each of which opens as you progress through the previous one. Different locations and new functions await the player in them. All this makes the gameplay intriguing and arouses interest to know what will happen next. As in other games in the Zuma genre, the goal is to destroy a long line of colored balls before it reaches the end of the maze, which will bring you defeat. To prevent this from happening, you need to knock out the balls using a cannon that shoots multi-colored projectiles. There is little time for reflection, so you need to act quickly, accurately and decisively! Otherwise, you will not be able to move to the next level! And this cannot be allowed – after all, with each level, new opportunities and unique functions open up that will help you complete the game faster and add variety to the process of fighting with balls.

Good luck!