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Zuma Atlantis 2

The good old classic Zuma has undergone a modification in its new interpretation of Zuma Atlantis 2. The rules remain the same – create combinations of balls of the same color and remove them from the playing field. But the graphics have changed, became brighter, more colorful and realistic. Modern games-Zuma – they are!

How to play

The gameplay of the game has also undergone changes. If the obligatory attributes on the playing field in the classic “Zuma” are a “snake” made of colorful balls and a cannon in the center, then in Zuma Atlantis 2 there is neither one nor the other. After all, the playing field is completely covered with multi-colored balls, among which several particles of the mosaic are blocked. These particles need to be freed in order to assemble the painting in the left-right corner of the screen. To do this, you need to swap balls, create combinations of the same color and remove them from the playing field. The passage of each level is limited by time. Therefore, in order to be in time, it is important to use the power of the magic flowers located in the upper right corner of the screen. To activate them, remove balls of the same color from the playing field twice in a row, and for this you will have access to a flower of a certain color with the following abilities:

• Yellow. It adds 30 seconds of time, which is very important, especially when there is very little left.
• Purple. Removes 5 balls from the field in the form of a plus.
• Green. Removes 3 balls at random.
• Red. Removes 9 balls arranged in a square shape.
• Blue. It removes only one ball, but exactly the one that is under the part of the desired mosaic.

Collect all the pieces of the mosaic in order to get the treasures of Atlantis!