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Zuma Classic

Classics are always held in high esteem and in price! This also applies to online games. We invite you to play one of the cult puzzles of our time – the exciting arcade game Zuma Classic of the popular genre “Balls”. It is not only fun and exciting, but also very rewarding. After all, Zuma’s games have a positive effect on the mind, make the brain work at full strength, think every second, calculating the next move, and find non-standard solutions.

Zuma Classic is the perfect game for your mind!

How to play Zuma Classic

The game has a certain number of levels, the difficulty of which increases gradually as you progress. The first level is the easiest, training one. In it, you can work out tactics and understand the principle of the gameplay. There is nothing difficult here. With the help of a computer “mouse” you need to control a stone frog in the center of the playing field and accurately shoot at a chain of colored balls. Groups of balls of the same color will be removed, decreasing the length of the chain and bringing the player closer to victory. To complete the level and move on to the next, you need to remove all balls from the field.
Good luck!