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Zuma Hit or Knit

Zuma Hit or Knit is a fun ball shooter that you can play online for free and without registering on our website. Are you ready to test your reaction speed, accuracy and attentiveness? Then open the puzzle soon and enjoy the exciting gameplay right now! It will definitely not be boring – we guarantee!

How to play

Help the adorable kitten to remove all balls in the form of balls from the playing field. The fluffy mischief loves to play with his mistress, and she loves to knit. Therefore, he needs to hide all the balls as quickly as possible before she returns from work. Are you ready to help the kid? Then control it with the “mouse”, twist in all directions and shoot along the chain of balls, trying to get the color into the color. Identical glomeruli will be removed, reducing the chain. But be careful and attentive: each failure takes one cat’s life. And our kitten has only 3 of them, not 9, as is commonly believed. Therefore, proceed carefully and shoot accurately! And also do not allow the balls to sink to knitting. Otherwise, the level will end with your defeat and you will have to go through it from the very beginning.

Good luck! May she always be on your side!