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Halloween Zuma

Halloween Zuma is a fun online Zuma game dedicated to one of the most mysterious holidays in the world – Halloween. According to legends, on this day, the line between the worlds is erased and people can see various spirits, ghosts and other supernatural beings.

The main character of the game “Zuma Halloween” is a real Witch. She tries her best to stop the insane pumpkin invasion. But she can’t do it alone. Are you ready to help her?

How to play

A long line of pumpkin-balls moves along the serpentine path. Where it came from is unknown and not yet important. There is no time for these questions. The only thing to know and remember is that under no circumstances should the pumpkins be allowed to reach the Cave at the end of the trail! To do this, control the Witch, twist her in different directions and shoot at the pumpkins with your pumpkin balls. If you hit the color in the color, then the balls will be removed, if not, then they will join the chain, and it will become longer. And your chances of winning will be shortened accordingly.

The level is considered passed when there are no balls left on the field. But don’t relax! There are dozens of new levels, new locations and even more restless pumpkins ahead. Only the Witch is unchanged – she will be present at all levels. As one of the main symbols of Halloween.
Not scary? Then go ahead! Give the pepper to the impudent pumpkins!