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Zuma Sparkle 2

Zuma Sparkle 2 is a free online game in the popular Zuma and Balls genre. The puzzle enthralls from the first seconds and does not let go until the very end. It’s really hard to tear yourself away from it – this is confirmed by millions of players around the world!
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How to play

Zuma Sparkle 2 begins in a beautiful and magical forest. Before you is a winding path along which a chain of balls slowly moves. It may seem that these colorful balloons are nice and cute, just like rainbow unicorns, but in reality they are not! They united with each other and decided to destroy the forest, and with it all living things. To do this, they need to reach a magic well with living water and poison it. And the only ones who stand in their way are you and your huge cannon! Shoot the balls, fire projectiles at them, aim blue in blue, green in green, and red only in red. And then balls of the same color will explode and disappear, bringing you closer to victory. But remember: if you hit a ball of one color in a ball of a completely different color, then it will immediately join the formidable army and the chain will become longer! Therefore, shoot accurately and accurately – the fate of all living things around depends on it!
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