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Zuma HTML5

Zuma HTML5 is a masterpiece of the gaming industry with millions of fans all over the world. Puzzles of this genre have the following advantages:

• Bright graphics with large elements.
• Fascinating gameplay.
• Simple rules available even for beginners.
• Dozens of exciting levels with increasing difficulty.
• The presence of auxiliary bonuses that add variety to the gameplay and make it even more exciting and fun.

Zuma HTML5 has only one drawback – it is really very difficult to tear yourself away from it! See for yourself!

How to play

The player’s task is to clear the playing field from all balls. They are collected on it in the form of a snake, which slowly crawls along a winding path straight to the burrow. It is important to prevent the snake from reaching its target. Otherwise, the level will fail and you will have to start going through it from the very beginning. The enemy of the snake and your ally is the frog in the center of the game screen. She acts as a cannon from which you need to shoot. Each projectile fired at the snake is embedded in its body. As soon as a group of at least three balls of the same color forms, it explodes and disappears. Therefore, it is important to aim and shoot color for color. This will help you get rid of the snake faster and move on to the next round.

Have a fun!