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Lost Island Zuma

Lost Island Zuma is the third part of the popular online game in the genre of “Zuma” and “Balls” in which you have to continue your journey across the Lost Island and get to the treasure. Players will find even more new levels, bonuses, various locations, emotions and impressions. Therefore, you need to hit the road right now. Adventure can’t wait!

How to play

The game is controlled using a computer “mouse”. On the playing field, you will see a chain of balls that slowly moves along the path. Your task is simple – to prevent the balls from reaching the end, to stop them by all means and to destroy them. To do this, you have as many as two guns, between which you can switch at any time in the game. It is very convenient and doubles the chances of winning. It is important to shoot not only quickly, but also accurately. And it is imperative that the color matches the color, that is, the red balls must be grouped with red, green and green, and then they will explode, and the chain becomes shorter. The last balloon to burst will bring you an epic victory this round. But do not relax and rejoice ahead of time – there are still two dozen of the most difficult levels ahead, which will not surrender so easily to you.

Ready to travel to the Lost Island? Then let’s go now! Moreover, there is no need to download, download and install anything – the game Lost Island Zuma works directly in the browser online.