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Space Zuma

Space Zuma is a vibrant, fast-paced online puzzle game about space and its endless expanses. You have to go on a long journey to help one friendly alien race to resist the attack of impudent and unscrupulous invaders from another planet. They ran out of resources, and instead of asking for help, they decided to attack quickly and without warning. But they clearly did not expect that not only good aliens, but also a fair Man, who is always ready to defend the weak, even at the cost of his own life, would oppose them.

How to play

The defense will be conducted directly from the space station. There are supplies of water, food and, most importantly, there is a weapon – a unique rocket cannon. With its help, you need to stop the invasion of planet balls, which move along a spiral path. Shoot them boldly, just try to hit yellow balls with yellow ones, red ones into red ones, etc. In this case, three or more balls of the same color will explode, undermining the morale and morale of other balls. To win, you need to remove all the balls and prevent them from reaching the portal – this is the entrance to the planet of your alien allies. After completing the first round, do not rush to relax! This attack is repulsed, but there are still many battles ahead and many enemies to be destroyed, since they do not want to sit at the negotiating table.

Good luck! The fate of the Cosmos is in your hands!