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Zumba Challenge

Did you have a few free minutes? Then spend them for the benefit of your soul and mind with the Zumba Challenge game. This addictive puzzle game can not only cheer you up and help you relax after a hard day at work, but also keep your brain in good shape. Sounds good? The brain trains just by resting. This is the benefit of popular games in such genres as “balls”, “three in a row” and “zoom”.

How to play

Before you is the classic “Zuma” – a game screen with a winding path, in the center is a stone frog, which silently watches a string of colored balls sliding in front of it. They make their way to the tunnel. This is their ultimate goal, but they cannot be allowed to get there. Otherwise, you will lose the level and have to start all over again.
The frog is your weapon in the fight against these balls. Controlling it like a slingshot or a cannon, twist the amphibian in different directions, aim at the balls and shoot your shells at them. Just don’t forget that the main thing is to shoot red balls at red ones, blue ones at blue ones, and so on. As soon as a combination of at least three balls of the same color is formed, the combined balls will explode and are automatically removed from the playing field. You need to completely clear the screen of balls, and then you can proceed to the next level.
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