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Zuma Jellyland

Ever seen a jelly invasion? If not, then rather go to the online game Zuma Jellyland – jelly candies and gummies have rebelled there. Demand to replace the Chocolate King in their sweet Kingdom. It is believed that chocolate has long gone out of fashion, and now jelly desserts are in trend. They don’t want to talk. No compromises are made. And they go with a whole jelly army to the capital. To overthrow the king and take the reins into their own hands. So it’s time to take action.

In general, this is a real jelly riot! Stop him, or he will blow everything in his path!

How to play

A large army of jelly candies is moving along the winding path. They are not in a hurry, because they are confident in their victory, and still do not know that there is someone in the sweet Kingdom to stop them. Of course it’s you! Pick up a candy cane and start shooting directly at the candies. Just try to get candies of the same type into candies of the exact same type. And then a group of three and more identical candies will desert and explode. Do not leave a single chance to these jelly insolents! No mercy! Forward to the bitter end!