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Zuma Mahjong

Zuma Mahjong is a popular online puzzle game in the genre of “balls” featuring dynamics, simple controls and high-quality pictures. The gameplay in this game is captivating from the first seconds of launch and keeps the attention until the end of the level.

Thousands of Zuma fans around the world will confirm this. See for yourself! The peculiarity of Zuma Mahjong is that the puzzle does not need to be downloaded and installed on your device. The game is available on our website online. Just launch it in your browser right now and enjoy beautiful graphics, pleasant music and addictive gameplay.

How to play

A long line of colored balls moves across the playing field, which never stop. They want to get to the end of the path and rest. But your task is to prevent this, otherwise the level will end with a crushing defeat. Yours, of course. Use the scarab cannon to stop the progress of the balls. Guide her and shoot colorful projectiles. The principle is this: each ball from the cannon, falling into the chain, joins it. As soon as a combination of at least three balls of the same color is formed, then they explode and are removed from the playing field.

The task is as follows – to blow up all the balls and prevent at least one ball from reaching the end of the path.
Good luck!