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Zuma Bubble Shooter

Zuma Bubble Shooter (Shooting bubbles) – an exciting arcade game in the popular genre of “balls”, which can be played for free and without registration on our website. You don’t need to download any files and install them on your device. The game is available to all players in the browser online.

How to play

The colorful puzzle consists of several challenging levels with progressive difficulty. In the center of the playing field there is a cannon, which is controlled by a cat in a helmet and military uniform. He protects the golden totem – a symbol of the freedom and independence of the Feline Brotherhood. Impudent mice want to capture the most important artifact of the baleen striped. They threw a cry throughout the district and gathered a huge army of their fellows, who also want to take revenge on the cats for all the centuries of enmity. Cats, the number of which is too small to repel rodents, turned to their only ally for the entire time of their existence – Man.

Now the fate of the Feline Brotherhood is in your hands! Their freedom depends on your speed of reaction, logic skills and attentiveness. Do not fail those who believe in you as the only Savior and Protector.

The object of the Zuma Bubble Shotter game is to prevent the colored balls from reaching the end of the path along which they crawl. To prevent this, control the cannon in the middle of the game screen, directing it to the right place for you. Aim at the balls and shoot at them. Balls of the same color will explode and disappear. You need to remove all the balls, and then the level will end with a victory.

Good luck!