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Jungle Legend

The jungle is calling! They call loudly and call for help! Straight from the Jungle Legend game! After all, a disaster has happened – from the depths of the earth to nature, to animals, to everything that breathes and thinks, there is a terrible ancient darkness. It approaches quickly and inexorably, and with it – destruction and evil. The Guardians of the Jungle have already gathered a council and decided that it is necessary to fight back the darkness. They have magical weapons, but they don’t have the strength to use them. The last hope is a brave, brave, strong and dexterous warrior, whose face they saw in the fire …

If you do not understand, then we are talking about you! Go ahead – save the Jungle and its inhabitants from an undeserved fate!

How to play

The battle with the ancient evil will have to be conducted directly from the hut of the Jungle Keepers. It contains supplies of rainbow shells, which you need to shoot back from the approaching darkness in the form of bright colorful, but very poisonous balls. Each volley must necessarily hit the target – red to red, green to green, etc. Thus, you create combinations of identical balls and explode them. If the projectile does not hit the target of the desired color, then it joins in the rest of the balls and you have one more enemy. Therefore, spend your shells wisely and take your time! There is still time to save the Jungle and drive the darkness back to where it came from!
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