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Zuma Luxor

The popular online game Zuma Luxor html5 invites you to embark on an incredible journey through amazing Egypt. This extraordinary country is loved for its unique history and culture, for the royal Pyramids (among other things, included in the Seven Wonders of the World), for the warm Red Sea. Therefore, the creators of casual games could not ignore this stronghold of the ancient tombs of the great Pharaohs and dedicated dozens of different puzzles in the genre of “three in a row” to Egypt.
Zuma Luxor 2 is one of them.

How to play

From the moment the game was launched, you are an archaeologist. And your next goal is to explore the ancient pyramids. Once inside, you are faced with a very big problem. The exit was covered with colored balls. And now you have to destroy them all before they get to you. This will be your path to freedom.
A “snake” made of colored balls will crawl along the serpentine path. You need to shoot them from the cannon with your balls, trying to hit the blue ball into the blue, the red into the red and so on with other colors. Three or more balls of the same color, located next to each other, will explode and automatically disappear from the “snake”. The task is to remove all the balls as quickly as possible, otherwise they will roll to the end of the track and the level will fail.
The following bonuses will be available to help the player:

• Meteor Rain. Destroys most of the balls on the playing field.
• Bomb. Explodes at least 4 balls.
• Rainbow bubble. Changes the color of the balls in the cannon during firing to the desired color.
• Rainbow tassel. Changes the color of the balls in the “snake” to the desired one.
• Hourglass. The snake is made to move in the opposite direction.

For each destroyed ball on the playing field, coins are issued. You can buy additional bonuses with them.

Good luck, bravest Archaeologist we know!