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Zuma Maya

If you have always dreamed of going in search of an ancient civilization and unraveling a couple of its innermost secrets, then the time has come! The unique html game Zuma Maya provides such an opportunity! The virtual journey begins right now, right here, in the very place where you are! And for this you don’t even need to download and install anything – just open the game online on a computer or mobile device and start plunging into the wonderful world of the mysterious Mayan civilization.

How to play Zuma Maya

There are 76 levels in the game “Zuma Maya”. They will open one after another as you progress through each. The goal of the game is to stop the progress of the multi-colored “snake” along the winding path to the cave. If this happens, the round will end in defeat and restart again. To prevent this from happening, use the “mouse” to direct the cannon into the balls and shoot at them with the same balls. The balls change color with each shot. But it is important to remember that if a ball, for example, a blue one, falls into a green one, then it will join the snake, and it will become larger. Therefore, it is necessary to hit balls of the same color in the same balls. Then three or more balls of the same color will connect and automatically disappear. As soon as all balls are destroyed, the transition to a new level will take place.

The first levels will be easy and can put your guard down. But we do not advise you to relax! As you move on, the most interesting and difficult part will begin – the “snake” will become faster and more agile, and the balls will no longer be arranged in groups of the same colors to make your task easier. Try it now!

Open Zuma Maya right now and don’t forget to turn on the sound – amazingly beautiful music will help you immerse yourself even deeper into the gameplay of the puzzle and fully experience its enchanting atmosphere!