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Zuma Boom

Zuma Boom is a classic online arcade game in the genre of “Balls” that captivates from the first seconds to the very end. The game has 15 interesting and difficult levels, bright and rich graphics, as well as an exciting gameplay that will not let you get bored.
Start the game right now and see for yourself!

How to play

The goal of the game is to destroy the chain of balls and prevent it from reaching the end of the path. To do this, you need to shoot at them from a cannon and hit balls of the same color into balls of exactly the same color. Then they will explode and disappear. The game is called “Boom” for a reason. Indeed, sometimes a real bomb can be seen among the balls. Activate it with a shot, and it will arrange a real Bada Boom – it will blow up all the neighboring balls and make your task easier.
The level will be considered passed when there are no balls left on the playing field.
Good luck!