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Zuma Bubbles

Zuma Bubbles – one of the varieties of the classic Zuma in a new interpretation, which will surely appeal to fans of the genre of “balls”. The online game has a bright design, pleasant sound and dynamic gameplay. Despite the fact that in all levels the gamer is faced with the same task – to remove all balls from the playing field – the puzzle will not make anyone bored!
Thousands of satisfied players will confirm this! Make sure you too!

How to play

Before you is a playing field, along which a long winding path stretches. A snake made of multi-colored mouse balls is slowly crawling along it. Their goal is to get to the very end, yours is to prevent them from doing it. Launch “bombs” from the cannon at them, trying to hit the balls of exactly the same color with one color. When a group of three or more balls of the same color gathers, they will explode and disappear. The level will be completed when there are no balls left on the playing field.
Have a fun!