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Candy Zuma

Welcome to the sweet kingdom of Candy Zuma! This is a wonderful delicious world of candies and caramel, toffee and marmalade, chocolate and nougat melting in your mouth. It’s a pleasure to play here! Just be careful: during the game, appetite can play out and pull on sweets!
If anything, we warned you!

How to play Candy Zuma

Before you is a playing field. A long line of sweets of all colors of the rainbow moves slowly and lazily along it. The candy balls want to get to the tunnel at the end of the road. But in no case should you let them do this – the level will end, and you will not be able to move on to the next, even more delicious and sweet. There is only one way to stop the candies: use a cannon spinning in all directions with a sight to shoot at the candies with your candies and create combinations of identical balls. Three or more candies of the same color will explode right before your eyes. Remove them all to complete the level and score as many points as possible! It will be even more difficult and more interesting further!

There are 30 levels in Candy Zuma. Complete them all!