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Zuma Dynasty

Fans of Eastern culture, in particular the great and mysterious China, will appreciate the online puzzle game Zuma Dynasty in the genre of “Balls”. This addicting game is a great trainer for the mind and brain, because it brings tremendous benefits:

• Through vivid images and colorful details, develops imagination and thinking.
• Trains logic and memory.
• Improves reaction speed and quick wits.
• Relieves stress.
• Maintains an intelligent form.
• Develops concentration of attention.
• Activates thought processes.

Launch the Zuma Dynasty online game right now and start training!

How to play Zuma Dynasty

The rules are simple – you need to shoot at balls and try to hit balls of a certain color into a ball of exactly the same color. This forms a combination, as a result of which the balls will explode and disappear. The next task is to remove all the balls from the playing field in order to go to the next level. At each level, the player will find new locations, even more difficult tasks, as well as unique functions and bonuses that will help to quickly complete the game to the end.

Warning: Zuma games are addictive! And this is confirmed by the thousands of players who play these puzzles every day!

See for yourself right now! Moreover, there is no need to download and install anything. Zuma Dynasty is available online in a browser for free and without registration.