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Zuma Magician

Test your agility, accuracy and reaction speed in this addicting game
Zuma Magician! The magic begins now! Join us!

How to play

This seemingly easy game with uncomplicated design and simple gameplay is full of surprises and surprises. It has something to surprise the players with:

• An interesting storyline dedicated to magic and sorcery. After all, the main character here is a Wizard in a pointed hat! He is ready to carry out any of your orders … Go for it!
• Dozens of challenging levels. If in other games of the “Zuma” genre the first levels are easy and it is not difficult to pass them quickly, then everything is different here! From the very beginning, the game keeps you in suspense and makes your brain and hands work to the fullest. Come on in, check it out and see for yourself!
• Unobtrusive musical accompaniment. The music harmoniously combines with the plot and the game and creates an enchanting atmosphere of magic and fairy tale. Thanks to this, you can deeply immerse yourself in the process of fighting with balls and even fall into a game trance. The game is so addictive!

Well, the rules are simple – break a moving chain of colored balls, shooting shells at it so that the red ball stands next to the red, yellow with yellow, etc. Groups of balls of the same color will explode and disappear, and those balls that happen to be with balls of a different shade will join others. The goal is to prevent the chain from growing and reaching the end of the path.
Good luck!