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Zuma Blitz

Zuma Blitz is a classic in its genre, which will surely please all fans of “Three in a row”, “Balls” and “Zuma”. Despite the modest design and simple gameplay, the game takes you headlong into your world and does not let go until you have passed several levels, at least, as a maximum – everything.
No kidding! See for yourself! As thousands of gamers around the world have done.

How to play

Before you is a playing field. There is a cannon in the center of it. She can shoot balls of all colors of the rainbow. It is she who you have to control with the help of a computer “mouse”. The cannon rotates easily around its axis, so you can get into any corner of the playing field and reach even the most difficult target.

As soon as the level starts, a “snake” crawls out of the mink. It consists of multi-colored balls and moves strictly along the path, trying to get to the very end and crawl into the hole. Don’t let her do it. Shoot at it with shells from a cannon, trying to hit the red ball with a red shell, blue into a blue ball, and so on, using the same principle. Then a group of at least three balls of the same color, located next to each other, will be automatically removed from the snake’s body. Blow up all the balls to win and go to the next round.

In total, the game has 15 exciting levels. Complete them all!