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Zumba Ocean

Zumba Ocean is an addicting online match 3 puzzle game with an ocean theme. The ocean, mysterious and endless, has attracted people from ancient times with secrets hidden in the depths of its depths. Life is always in full swing in the underwater Kingdom, and you have a unique opportunity to look there and get to know all its inhabitants.
Ready to go to the very bottom of the ocean? Then go ahead! The ocean is calling, the waves are singing – how can you resist?

How to play

Zumba Ocean has the same rules as classic Zuma and match 3 arcade games. After all, they have one goal – to destroy all moving components on the playing field before they get to the end of their journey.

There are 60 levels in the puzzle. Each new one opens as you progress through the previous one. Before the start, goals are set for the player. For example, to win the first, initial level, you need to do the following:

• Destroy all the jewels-balls on the playing field.
• Score over 500 points.
• Create at least three combinations.

The difficulty of the objectives increases with each passed level.

The player will have access to unique bonus options – a bomb, a lightning bolt and special gems. They will help you destroy all the balls faster and finish the level with a victory.
Collect points, buy bonuses for them and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in the game “Zumba Ocean”. Good luck!