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Zuma Frog

Zuma Frog is a colorful online puzzle game in the popular match 3 genre. Zuma games are loved for their bright graphics, simple rules, addictive gameplay that is impossible to tear yourself away from, for the joy and fun that they bring to both adults and children.

Therefore, if you want to relax your soul and spend time with benefit, then welcome to the exciting world of Zuma!

How to play

The main character of the game is a beautiful frog. She sits in the center of the playing field and amuses herself by spitting balls. Its target is a long snake made of multi-colored balls, slowly crawling along the path to the burrow. The snake is sure that it glides silently and imperceptibly, but you just can’t crawl past the frog!

Join the Frog and don’t let the snake finish its journey. Aim as accurately as possible and shoot confidently and quickly. Try to hit balls of the same color into balls of the exact same color. Then the same segments in the snake will be removed, reducing its length. If you don’t match the color, the balls will join the snake’s body and, conversely, make it even longer. The task is complicated by the fact that the dexterous snake is not static, but moves along the path, knocking down the sight and testing your nerves for strength.

Choose the right strategy and go ahead to victory! Experienced players advise to “shoot” the snake from the tail, as the removed balls create a gap and the snake stops, waiting for the remaining balls to crawl to the rest of its body. If you start shooting from the head, then there is a possibility that you can move the snake even closer to the burrow if you hit a different color. Keep track of the distance! And we advise you not to rely too much on the Frog. She spits balls only where ordered.

Are the rules clear? Then get started! Good game!