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Zuma Winter Edition

Zuma Winter Edition is a holiday version of the classic Zuma, dedicated to New Year and Christmas. This online puzzle game lifts your spirits from the very first second of the gameplay. Because there is snow in it, it smells like Christmas trees and magic.

See for yourself! Launch the game in your browser and plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of a winter fairy tale right now!

How to play

The main characters in the game are balls stylized as multi-colored Christmas tree decorations and Santa Claus. A long chain of balls creeps along the path, and Santa Claus, with your help, must shoot his balls at them. But it is important not just to shoot to kill, thoughtlessly and mercilessly, but to aim with balls of the same type at exactly the same type of balls from the chain. Then balls of the same color will unite in groups and burst like bubbles. The level is considered passed when the playing field is completely cleared of balls. If even one ball gets to the end of the track, the round will end with your crushing defeat.

The game is played for points. Levels open as you progress. Reach the very last one and enter your name in the Zuma’s highscore table!