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Zuma Fairy Town 2

Zuma Fairy Town 2 is a popular online game that will definitely appeal to fans of the match 3 genre. Despite the simple and uncomplicated design, the puzzle nevertheless immediately, from the first seconds, draws you into the gameplay, confirming the eternal truth that sometimes the simpler the better.

See for yourself!

How to play

The goal of the puzzle is to clear the playing field from the colored balls attached to the spinner. To do this, shoot at them with the “mouse”, controlling the arrow that shows you the direction. But it is not enough just to shoot, it is important to hit with your ball of the same color on the spinner of exactly the same color. Only then will the balls merge with each other and explode. Thus, it is necessary to slowly remove all balls. The task is complicated by the fact that the spinner does not stand in one place, but spins, knocking down the sight.

The game has several levels, the difficulty of which increases after passing the previous one.

Play Zuma Fairy Town 2 online, for free and without registration right on our website! There is no need to download, download or install anything. Just open the puzzle, press “Start” and enjoy the
addicting gameplay, which is hard to break away from. Proven by millions of players!