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Zuma Inca Ball

Zuma Inca Ball is an online puzzle game for those who appreciate atmospheric, dynamic and simple gameplay in games. The game is dedicated to the greatest Mayan civilization, whose people were one of the highly developed tribes of the ancient world. Modern scientists cannot explain where the Maya got their knowledge from, and how they could build such grandiose structures that have survived to our times. Hundreds of riddles and secrets are hidden in the buildings of this powerful civilization, over whose answers humanity has been struggling for several thousand centuries.

How to play

The rules of the Zuma Inca Ball game are simple – a string of colored balls moves across the playing field. Their final destination is the cave at the very end of the path. If they get to it, then the level will end in defeat and will be restarted. To win, you need to shoot at the balls with shells of the exact same color. Balls united in one color will be automatically removed from the game. As soon as the last ball disappears, victory will come.
But don’t relax! After all, the game has as many as 76 levels! And each is more difficult than the last. Can you beat them all?