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Zuma Legend

Zuma Legend is one of the best ball and zuma puzzle variations that has been loved by many players. It harmoniously combines bright and colorful design in the style of ancient civilizations, convenient and simple controls, high-quality musical accompaniment and, of course, exciting gameplay from the first seconds.

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How to play

The main symbol of the game is the sacred scarab beetle. It is located in the center of the playing field for a reason! He guards all living things around, and now his goal is a long snake made of multi-colored balls, imposingly crawling along a dashingly twisted path. Don’t panic! After all, she only looks formidable and invulnerable in her deceptive colorful guise! But we know her weak point!
If you hit it with a magic ball of the same color from the Keeper of the scarab beetle into a ball of exactly the same color, then it will stop for a while, struck by your power, these balls will explode, and their number will decrease. Just shoot accurately! Otherwise, if you miss, you will. For example, by turning a blue ball into a yellow one, they will not explode, but will unite, and the snake will grow in its size. Don’t let her get to the Cave. Otherwise, everything is lost!

There are as many as 100 levels in Zuma Legend! Complete them all!