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Craigen: Stones of Thum

Craigen: Stones of Thum is an original interpretation of the classic version of Zuma, which is sure to please the players of this genre. The puzzle is dedicated to the Scandinavian culture, in particular the Viking theme. Formidable, merciless warriors of the North, not knowing fear, but knowing the value of honor and dignity.

How to play

The game takes place in the lands of the Vikings. Colorful balls slowly move along the winding path. The player’s task is to shoot at them with a slingshot, trying to hit the red ball in the red, blue in the blue, and so on, according to this principle. Three or more balls of the same color explode and disappear from the playing field. All balls must be removed to win the level. If the chain of balls reaches the end of the track, the level will be considered failed and you will have to go through it from the very beginning. With each new open level, the difficulty of the game increases. Locations become more difficult, the path gets shorter. Therefore, to win, you should shoot quickly, but accurately, counting each of your shots.
The online game Craigen: Stones of Thum has a very high-quality musical accompaniment that sets you up for the gameplay. We recommend turning on the sound and enjoying the atmosphere of the puzzle to the maximum, from picture to sound.