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Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe is a fascinating online arcade game with which you can not only relax your soul, but also develop logical thinking, attention and the ability to look ahead a few steps, calculating everything in advance. That is why games of the “Zuma” genre are very popular all over the world, both among children and adults.
Discover for yourself this amazing world of balls, full of fun and excitement in Zuma Deluxe original html5 game!

How to play Zuma Deluxe

An ancient civilization in danger! And along with it, the knowledge they protect is under threat, without which the world will be on the brink of extinction. Only you, the descendant of great leaders, in whose veins their blood flows, can help them! To do this, protect the sacred temple and prevent the invaders from entering it. Otherwise, they will destroy it to the ground, and with it everything that has been kept under its arches for centuries …

Before you is a winding road along which a chain of colored balls is moving slowly but surely. The goal of this brightly colored snake is to reach a golden star with a skull symbol in the center. The player’s task is to prevent this and stop the balls before they reach the very end of the maze. To do this, using a computer “mouse” you need to direct your weapon, a stone frog, and shoot at the “snake” with balls of different colors, trying to hit an element of a certain color in an element of the same shade. As soon as a group of 3 balls of the same color is collected, it explodes and disappears from the chain. A round is passed when there are no balls left on the field.

After that, you can move on to the next, even more difficult level. As you progress through the game, it will get more difficult. However, the player will also open up new functions and possibilities, thanks to which the gameplay will become even more fun and exciting.

The Zuma Deluxe game is available for you in full screen right now!