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Zuma Ball

Do you love addicting puzzles? Then you have definitely come to the right place! After all, Zuma Ball is exactly the addictive online game you need! These are 10 levels of pure pleasure, with an admixture of excitement, fun and moral satisfaction from every victory.
See for yourself!

How to play

In the game “Zuma Ball” one of the longest paths that can only be seen in puzzles of this genre. This gives you an edge and extra time to complete the level. However, the task is complicated by the fact that various obstacles are scattered on the playing field. Getting into them, the ball bounces off and does not reach the target. The task remains the same, as always – to “shoot” the whole snake from the colored balls so that combinations of three or more balls of the same color are formed. Then they will be removed from the playing field, bringing you closer to the cherished victory.

The level is considered passed if there are no elements left on the field.
Zuma Ball is adapted for full screen play. To “expand” it to the full screen of the device, click on the “square” button in the right corner and enjoy the puzzle in 100% scale.
Good luck!