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Zuma Totemia

Zuma Totemia is a unique magical world in which you have to go to help the city of Totemia and protect it from evil. The thing is that kind and good people with ancient knowledge in the field of magic have always lived here. They never misused them. Only for good, healing and building. But one day they were betrayed. One of the Sorcerers of Totemia has teamed up with a powerful evil Shaman in order to seize ancient knowledge for the sake of power and might. With his evil spell, he enchanted all the stones around the city, breathed life into them and made them attack Totemia.
Now you are the only one who can stop the Shaman and help the inhabitants of Totemia. There is no time to think! We need to go to Zuma Totemia now!

How to play

A long armada of enchanted balls moves along the winding path. You need to stop them at all costs and not let them finish this journey. Otherwise, the city will fall, and their inhabitants will become weak-willed captives of the evil Shaman … Therefore, rather take up arms – the great relic of Totemia, an artifact in the form of a formidable mask from which you can shoot shells. Each projectile has its own color. It is important to hit your opponent’s ball of exactly the same color with your projectile. They will merge with each other and explode. Act quickly and decisively. If the balls get to the gates of Totemia, everything will be in vain …

Are you ready for the battle of light and darkness? Then visit Zuma Totemia right now!