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Crystal Ball Zuma

Crystal Ball Zuma is a bright, dynamic, fun puzzle game with a juicy design that will not disappoint any fan of the “Balls” genre.
Its only drawback is that it is not Russified. But even those who do not know English will still be able to understand the gameplay and take away their souls for the benefit of the mind! Join us!

How to play

The goal of the game is to collect a combination of at least 3 balls of the same color in order to remove them from the playing field. To do this, you need to shoot at the chain of balls, which moves slowly along the path. It is important to get one color in exactly the same color. Then balls of the same shade will be grouped and automatically disappear. If you miss, the ball will join the chain and it will become even longer, which will greatly complicate the passage of the level. If the balls get to the end of the path, the level will be considered failed and you will have to restart it.

The game is played for points. The more points, the higher the result. Ready to write your name into Zuma’s history? Then open the puzzle right now, click on “Start” and start playing online!
Good luck!