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Zuma Match 3

Zuma Match 3 is an interesting online puzzle game with colorful graphics that will be appreciated by both children and adults. In the game you have to try on the role of a brave treasure hunter. He is not intimidated by the dangers of the jungle, nor by the wild tribes, for whom unexpected guests are a pleasant addition to the dinner. After all, one of the most expensive treasures in the world is at stake – Zuma’s priceless treasure.

How to play

A long chain of colored balls slowly moves along the path. Your task is to prevent the balls from reaching the cave at the end of the path, otherwise the level will end in defeat and you will have to go through it again. You have at your disposal a special cannon, which can be controlled using a computer “mouse”. Move the gun to the left and right, aim at the balls and shoot them with your balls. Try to get color into color – for example, blue balls to blue, green to green, and so on. Then three or more balls will combine into groups and explode, and the chain will become smaller. As soon as there are no balls left on the playing field, the level ends with a victory and access to the next one opens.

Have a fun!