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Zuma Mystic India

The online game Zuma Mystic India (Zuma Elephant) will plunge you into the enchanting atmosphere of the unique and mysterious India, a country of contrasts and contradictions, which is famous for its unique culture and oriental hospitality.

The puzzle is good, no matter from which side you look – after all, it successfully combines bright graphics, magical music and an exciting gameplay.
This is not to be missed!

How to play Zuma Mystic India (Zuma Elephant)

The main character of the game is a majestic Indian elephant. He, as the main guardian of the jungle, sits in the center of the game screen, ready at any moment to rush to protect nature and his friends. And this hour has come! The jungle is in danger! Unite together with the elephant and fight back the cunning clan of snakes who decided to turn the wild forests into their serpentarium and become their full-fledged masters.

The task is simple – use the “mouse” to twist the elephant in all directions and click on the creeping snake. With each click, a ball of a certain color will fly out. Show dexterity and hit the green ball – in the green, blue – in the blue, etc. In this case, three or more balls of the same color will burst and disappear, and the length of the snake will become shorter. If you miss and go to the wrong place, the ball will join the snake and it will become longer. Don’t let her crawl to the very end! Otherwise, the level will end in your bitter defeat …

Zuma Mystic India is played for points and against time. Show your best score and put your name on the Zuma records!