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Zuma Pirates

All hands on deck! Zuma Pirates invites everyone on an exciting adventure. It would seem that the name of the game suggests that it is devoted to a pirate theme. Actually this is not true. From the pirate here – only the hats of the main characters with characteristic symbols. The plot is built around the eternal battle between cats and mice. In this fight, you take the side of the mustachioed, and help protect their country from the invasion of the mouse.

Are you ready for a fight? Then go ahead! It’s time to show these mice who really rules the world! Yo-ho-ho!

How to play

The first 5 levels in the puzzle are educational training before further serious rounds. On the playing field, you will see a winding path with balls rolling along them. Your goal is to get rid of them using a special cannon and not let them go to the very end. To do this, you need to do the following:

• Hold the cannon with the mouse to aim.
• Then release the cannon to fire.
• Aim balls of one color at balls of a different color.
• Connect three or more balls of the same color and explode them this way.

Among the usual balls-mice there are those that are very vicious and cunning, so they have protective helmets on their heads. They cannot be defeated with one shot – shoot them with balls of the same color several times. This will help knock down the helmets, weaken them, and then finish them off.

The game has a unique bonus feature – a weapon arsenal. In it, you can buy powerful weapons that will facilitate the passage of the level and make the mice fearful, making them squeak with fear.
It is also possible to move the cannon to a convenient place for shooting during the game. Everything is for you! Just help the cats to win!

Collect points, buy weapons and give these mice a beat! Make them tremble with terror and fear and send them back to their burrows!